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Beautiful Bowl Backs

From the introduction, "All of the techniques in this book can be used to great effect on the front of your work. Using them on the back, though, is a step towards turning good work into great work. It shows that the artist cares about all the details and, in doing so, adds an added level of interest to the work."

This unique ebook will teach you six specific techniques for dramatically improving your fused glass work. You'll learn how to add both visual and textural elements to the back of all your work. The result will be glass art that stands out.

The material in this ebook is suitable for all levels of experience. Clear step-by-step descriptions, color photographs, and necessary firing schedules will guide you as you learn.


$15  (ebook - immediate download)

Ending Fused Glass Disasters

We opened Helios, our fused glass teaching studio, in 2007. Since then, we've fired over 20,000 square feet of kiln shelves - all loaded with projects completed by hundreds of different people. When you fire that much glass, you learn a lot about what can go wrong. You also learn how to prevent it. Today, many months go by at Helios without a single fusing "disaster."

A couple of years ago we gathered lots of what we have learned about mistakes (and bad luck) into one of our Fusing Friday presentations. Whenever we repeat that presentation, the studio is packed with customers. Many who attend have seen the presentation before but know that there is so much information they are certain to learn something new.

They also keep asking us to put the information down on paper. That's what we've done here.

This ebook covers the most common challenges that fused glass artists and enthusiasts face. We cover breaks, bubbles, surface issues, color problems, and more. We show you how to figure out what went wrong and why - and then we show you how to stop it from happening again. Read this ebook from cover-to-cover and it will pay for itself over and over again by helping you avoid wasted time and wasted glass.


$15  (ebook - immediate download)

Creative Fused Glass Drop-Out Vessels

In our Austin, Texas fused glass teaching studio, we teach a class called Tapestry Cups where students learn to make deep, drop-out vessels using strip-construction (on edge) assembly techniques. We've received more requests to provide this information in ebook form than any other class we offer.

This clearly written ebook contains over 140 full-color images and illustrations and includes step-by-step instruction on how to make the Helios Tapestry Cup. This includes details on strip construction, building your own drop rings, slumping the glass, removing the "brim," and finishing the edge.

And we decided to go one big step further:

The book shows a number of techniques for creating fantastic fused glass vessels with different shapes, textures, and much more. Not only will you have the opportunity to master all the basics, you'll learn ways to make your drop-out vessels uniquely your own.


$15  (ebook - immediate download)

Waste Not! Fused Projects Using Scrap

One of the great promises of fused glass is that because we can melt small bits of glass into bigger pieces no glass is ever wasted. It is a wonderful idea that often doesn’t end up being true. The scrap bins just keep filling up.

This ebook changes all that.

This clearly written ebook contains over 120 full-color images and illustrations and includes step-by-step instruction on five different techniques for using scrap glass (and only scrap glass!) to create beautiful, full-sized, and complete projects. And, as with all our projects, all firing schedules (for both 90 and 96 COE glass) are included with the instructions. This ebook introduces a complete set of metric firing schedules as well.


$15  (ebook - immediate download)

Fused Glass Tricks with Transparency

Get ready to make some fantastic fused glass projects with the step-by-step projects in "Fused Glass Tricks with Transparency" - our newest ebook! Based on one of our most popular "Fusing Fridays" at Helios Kiln Glass Studio, this ebook takes the material covered in our Austin, Texas studio and expands it considerably.

Much of what makes glass art so wonderful is the vibrant colors and transparency of the material. The lessons and projects in this virtual workshop will help you master the possibilities of glass layering, color dilution and much more. You'll learn new techniques step by step as you create beautiful and unique fused glass projects - all while learning the concepts behind the techniques so you can continue to invent and discover new methods when working with glass color transparency.

This clearly written ebook contains almost 100 full-color images and illustrations and covers over a dozen projects and project variations. And, as with all our projects, all firing schedules are included with the instructions.


$15  (ebook - immediate download)

Fused Glass Mesh & Trough Melts

Our methods for dynamically melting glass into mesmerizing fused swirls of color will have you creating fantastic new work in no time! Much more creative than traditional "pot melts" and vastly improved over common "screen melts", these methods are explained with step-by-step instructions and dozens of full-color photos.

Owners of small kilns (that are too shallow for pot melt setups) can take advantage of all the techniques taught in this book. Fused glass artists and enthusiasts who have been frustrated by the unavoidable black flakes that most wire products drop into the glass with screen melts will love our original mesh melt technique that never contaminates the glass!

In addition to detailed instructions for both mesh and trough melts, this 34 page ebook includes step-by-step instructions and photos for three different projects. You'll learn how to fix devitrification without a sandblaster or spray-on overglaze, add crisp pin-stripe edges to any project, and make glass inserts for belt buckle, jewelry, and other available hardware without any difficult coldworking (grinding and polishing).


$15  (ebook - immediate download)

Easy to Make Stands for Fused Glass

If you are tired of the same old, over priced black iron stands then you'll love our ebook with plans for seven different gallery-quality stands using easy to find materials and no special tools!

This eBook (viewable and printable using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader) includes easy instructions and lots of clear photos and illustrations.

The plans include both table stands for all sizes of work and wall-mounting techniques that don't require you to glue hardware to your glass. All the parts are available at almost any regular hardware/home store. We even include on stand made from glass in your own kiln! All the stands would be welcome in any fine gallery - yet each stand can be built for just a few dollars.


$15  (ebook - immediate download)

Do-it-Yourself Strip Cutter

Join the hundreds of artists who have built our glass cutter from hardware store parts. No special tools or skills are required and, for about $50 in common parts, you'll have a strip cutter that works as well as models costing hundreds of dollars.

Watch the strip cutter in action on YouTube! (The video has outdated cost information but the same cutter is still in daily use in our Austin, Texas studio!)

This eBook (viewable and printable using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader) includes a shopping list that shows a photo of each part. You get clear step-by-step instructions with photos and an easy explanation of how to use the cutter once you've finished building it.


$15  (ebook - immediate download)